Become a U LIVE creator

Launch streams. Post photos and videos.
Earn from views.

Launch streams, post photos and videos

U LIVE is a platform where users share pics and videos, meet and chat online. Share your content or start a stream to chat with the viewers via web camera.

Withdraw the money from views to your card or e-wallet.

Become the broadcaster of your own show

Launch a cool show and add more interactivity with viewers. Discuss the latest news, perform a stand-up or start a fast chili eating workshop- even this is possible on U LIVE!

Paid subscriptions

Turn your viewers into fans and receive 100% of the subscription fee.

Video calls

A private chat makes you more money every minute.

Gifts from viewers

Viewers can thank you for the stream by sending coins in 1 click.

Free donations

Use any service convenient for you to collect donations and get a reward without commissions.

Get 100% income from each subscription

Subscription is a way of supporting the author and getting access to exclusive publications and streams.

When a user confirms a paid subscription, they make a fixed monthly payment. The system of paid subscriptions includes no commissions, so you get 100% from the subscription sum.

Why is this profitable for authors?

  • 100% payments without commissions

  • Payouts up to $40 per month from one subscription

  • Flexible level setting

Why is this satisfying for authors?

  • Bonus: chats with an auto-translator

  • Bonus: quick subscription in several clicks

  • More than 10 payout methods (depending on your country)

Why choose a paid subscription?

  • Quality HD content

  • Engaging description

  • Relevant tags

Make money offline

Your dashboard is a source of passive income. Posts photos and videos, add cool descriptions and collect views.

Photos and videos

Each photo or video view is paid for by a viewer; each 50 views - by the U LIVE service

Involving users

Share a link to Ulive.Chat in social nets, post it at your website or send to your friends to get interest from the purchases of those you’ve involved.

Choose the theme of your show

U LIVE allows thematic streams using built-in functional. You don’t have to think what to do in front of the camera! Choose a theme and activities, prepare your outift according to the dress code and earn from chatting with fans. Let the viewers direct your show.


Having problems with training regularly? Try earning coins during yoga or pilates!

Reality show

Show people your everyday life and make it funnier by doing tasks from viewers.


Have a sweet tooth? Get coins for eating sweets on camera. Show viewers how much you love carbs!

Chat as you like

ULIVE stream is launched in just two clicks. Try and see how easy that is!

Built-in autotranslator

Message foreigners on your native language and the built-in autotranslator will do the rest.

Safe and anonymous

Many broadcasters prefer to leave their identity in secret. U LIVE allows you to choose a comfortable anonymity level. Just use the user blocking and blackisting for particular countries.

Easy money withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal sum is $10. Use VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Payoneer, Yandex, QIWI, SEPA, Bitsafe services or get an invoice to withdraw money.

Don’t believe it’s so easy?
Check it out and earn today!