How to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

If you want to accept donations when streaming then learning how to use Streamlabs will be useful to you. This article will run you through everything, including how to set up donations on Twitch, how to set up the donation alert and how to add the donate button to your stream.

Why Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is the most common platform used by popular Streamlabs like Ninja, Dr disrespect, Myth and many more. It is the best suite for streamers and offers all of what you need, a donation page and donation notifications that popup on stream. Best of all, the service is completely free.

Streamlabs can do so much more to enhance your stream but I’m not going to talk about the other features they offer here. I’ll mention them another time. To get onto Streamlabs you don’t need an account, it logs you in via your Twitch account. So just make sure you’re logged into Twitch and head to streamlabs.com and you’re good to go.

How To Setup Donations On Twitch With Streamlabs

how to setup donations on twitch with streamlabs

Once you’re logged into your Twitch account on Streamlabs you will be on the home page. The image above shows the donation settings page which is where you need to be. To get here look in the sidebar on the left and under ‘my account’ you should see donation settings.

In donation settings, you can configure different payment methods which you can use to accept donations. The most popular one used on Twitch is Paypal so configure your PayPal account. To do that just click on PayPal and enter in your PayPal email address.

Now your PayPal email has been added, you can go to the settings tab which you will see next to the methods tab you’re currently on.

Donation Settings

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

In the settings tab, it can be quite daunting if you’ve never set up any donations for Twitch before. Heres a simple rundown of some of the settings and what settings you should change.

The first 4 settings,

  • My Currency
  • Donation Page Currency
  • Minimum Amount
  • Maximum Message Lenght

These 4 settings customize what I like to call the ‘donation experience’. The experience the viewer has when they want to make a donation.

‘‘My Currency’ is simply the currency you use in you’re country. As a streamer, you set that to your home currency. This one doesn’t matter to the viewer too much.

Donation page currency is the currency that shows up as the main currency to donate in when someone is about to make a donation. I recommend you use the Streamlabs detect automatically feature as it makes it more convenient for the person trying to donate.

Also, remember you’re using PayPal and PayPal will currency convert any currency into your home currency anyway.

The minimum amount is 1, I would leave it on 1 to send the message that you’re grateful for any donation.

The maximum message length setting; When someone donates there message will show on screen with their donation. You will need to experiment what works best for your stream because having a longer message length will take up more space on the screen.

Also if you’re using text to speech you will have a much longer message read out.

Try the default setting and change it accordingly.

You can change the preferred lingo from either Donation, Tip, or add a custom word, change the button color and make sure the profanity filter is enabled but apart from that there’s not much else that’s important.

Once you’re happy with the settings click save settings.

You can then view your donation page by going to https://streamlabs.com/YOURTWITCHUSERNAME

You should see the link on Streamlabs, mine looks like this. Your viewers will go to this page to donate, more on that later.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

How To Setup Donation Alerts

So you’ve set up your donation page, now you need to set up your donation alert. A donation alert is a notification that pops up on stream sharing the amount that was donated, who it was by and their message they sent. You can set this up so it appears automatically on your stream.

The way you set this up depends on what you use to stream.

I recommend Streamlabs OBS which is Streamlabs version of OBS and integrates everything easily. However, if you use the standard OBS the setup is similar and ill walk through the steps using that in a second. But first, heres how to do it in Streamlabs OBS.

Once you’ve opened and logged into Streamlabs OBS it will look something like this.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

What we have to do is add a new source to our scene.

You probably have added a source before, but if not, click on the plus arrow to the right-hand side of ‘Sources’.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

When you click that, a new box will pop up giving you the option to choose different sources to add.

Because this is Streamlabs OBS the settings sync though and all we need to do is add ‘Alertbox’.

This is the source that can give us alerts for donations, followers, subscribers, hosts, but we’re just going to set up donations.

Add Alertbox to your scene, then double click on it to bring up the Alertbox window.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

You should see this. If you look under global settings on the left, I have unchecked everything else except for donations. However, you can set up all the other alerts as well, should you want to.

To edit the donation alert, click on the donations tab on the left.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

This will bring a bunch of settings on the right hand side.

You can go through the list of sources and settings to change loads of settings about your donation notification. From the font size, the animation that’s shown, the sound effect that comes with it and how long it appears on screen for.

I’m not going to go through all these settings because there are allot and it would make this article to long for no reason. Go through each and customize it to your liking.

When you’ve edited your notification to how you want it, you can test to see if it works by clicking ‘Test Widgets’ in the top right-hand corner, then click ‘Donation’. You should see your popup notification appear in the black box..

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

If it appears click done.

You can then resize and move the alert to wherever you want it to appear on your stream. Make sure it doesn’t take up an important part of the game!

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

Now you have a working donation alert and can add the donation button to your twitch stream.

Donation Alerts Using OBS Studio

NOTE: If you are using Streamlabs OBS you can skip this.

If you’re using OBS studio you will need to edit and add your donation notification slightly differently. Instead of editing it in OBS you will have to edit the settings on the Streamlabs website.

To do that go to Streamlabs and on the left-hand sidebar, under widgets, click ‘Alertbox’. Here you will get the exact same settings that I’ve just shown inside of Streamlabs OBS.

Use these settings to customise your donation notification.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs Once you’ve edited the donation alert, you have to add it to obs manually. To do that click copy beside the widget URL at the top of the page. You will then need to paste this in an OBS source.

Add a new source like you usually would do in OBS, this time you need to add the source ‘Browser’. Once you click that you will see this window.

how to setup donations on twitch streamlabs

In the URL box, you need to paste the URL that you copied from the Streamlabs website. Click ok, you will then be able to move your donation notification anywhere on the screen.

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